Newsletter : 2021 Spring edition

Newsletter : 2021 Spring edition

I hope you are doing well. Corona vaccination rates are increasing and our life is slowly returning to the way it was before the pandemic. Thank you very much for supporting Soul Care in the midst of all this. Little by little, we have been making progress. Here is a report!

■ I have started working as a full-time missionary

Since April 2021, I have officially started working full time in Second level Ministry. I am continuing to raise support, but I am starting to receive some of the income from my activities (personal sessions, online classes) and some of the direct support through your giving. Therefore, I do not need to have a second job! I am now able to focus and concentrate more on the ministry. Thank you so much for your support!! I will work hard to provide more ministry of various kinds.

■ Article in the February issue of “The Gospel for Millions: Bible & Life”

I wrote an article that was published in the February issue of “The Gospel for Millions: Bible & Life” which is a popular Japanese Christian journal. We got permission the publisher Inochi no Kotoba, so you can read the entire article on our website. Please take a look!

■ New programs!

We have started promoting three new online programs. It has been a trial and error process, but we are very grateful that those who participate continue to be given the opportunity to do so. Since last summer, we have had nearly 40 people, both individuals and classes, use our services.

■ “Donation” Page in English added

On our website, “Donate” page was added in English! A newsletter sign-up page has also been released. If you know anyone who might be interested in the ministry, feel free to use the page and introduce them to us.

■ Second Level LINE Official Account has started!

You can receive information about Second Level and other Soul Care programs on your line account. Please take advantage of it.

Each day is a series of small steps, but each time a new applicant comes in, I remember that there are people who need encouragement and support from God. Thank you for your love and prayers. Please take care of yourselves and may God’s blessings and grace be with you always.

Yumi Morse Ikeda

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