Spiritual and Mental Care to Japanese Christian/ ministry leaders

Soul Care Ministry

We are offering Online classes, workshops, private counseling sessions.

Soul Care Ministry Director

With your support, Soul Care Ministries is continuing and growing. Personalized spiritual and mental care, grief care, spiritual abuse, marital relationships, family, parenting, etc. There are still many areas where we need support. We would be grateful for your support and endorsement.

About us

Soul Care Ministry is a  department ofSecond Level Ministry. Soul Care has been under development since 2020 to deal with cases that are too difficult to categorize under mentorship only and require more skill.
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Second Level Ministry Newsletter (English)

Vision 1 : Supporting the mental and spiritual health of the Japanese People

We help people in the field of pastoral care, which deals with the relationship between faith and the heart. Pastoral care is a field that prepares chaplains to work in hospitals and the military.
We help people who are suffering from mental problems such as depression and addiction. We do so from a Christian faith perspective, and use integrative care which implements insight from psychology and psychiatry.

Vision 2: To enhance programs for spiritual care.

We offer one-on-one sessions for those who have personal concerns. Group sessions are also available to address specific issues in a group setting.
In the future, I would like to offer classes on a wider variety of topics (grief care, marital relationships, boundaries, spiritual abuse, etc.).

Vision 3: Leadership development

We consider it an important mission to transfer the skills of pastoral care, to improve the pastoral skills of Christian leaders, and to train new leaders.
If you have any questions, we are always happy to answer them and provide as much information as possible. We will continue to provide and develop training for leadership development.

Vision 4: Connecting Needs and Gifts

There are counselors who have skills but are limited in their ministry due to lack of opportunity and support. We are trying to recruit them so that their abilities can be utilized and we can develop our ministry together.
We are working on building a network to connect those who need support with those who can provide it.

Fundraising Goal

With the Internet spreading llike wildfire and reaching every part of our daily life, more and more traffic is directed to websites in search for information.

Fundraising Goal
Yearly $26,400
Monthly $2,200

have gotten support from
our ministry
Since 2020 July

Could you prayfully support us?

Your contribution is carefully used to promote discipleship and make disciple makers. Second Level Ministry is a 501(c)(3)tax-exempt organization. All gifts are tax deductible.


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―   In Development   ―

Church Leader Spiritual Support Fund

A support fund for church and ministry leaders to receive spiritual and emotional care.

Many church leaders in Japan continue to minister under stressful circumstances. When they continue to work under a heavy spiritual burden, they can become burned out. Their family, social, and personal relationships deteriorate and it becomes difficult for them to continue their evangelistic work.
Soul Care would like to raise funds to support the hearts and souls of these spiritual leaders.